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Indonesian Cultural Exchange

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Welcome to the Indonesian Cultural Exchange. The Indonesian Cultural Exchange is a non-profit organization designed to promote cultural exchange, diversity, understanding and education within Indonesia.
The Indonesian Cultural Exchange offers several cultural exchange travel programs. We provide free, all expenses paid travel for expats within Indonesia.
These include free one week, two week, and one month, all expenses paid cultural exchange and immersion experiences, including transportation, accommodation, meals, admissions to exotic points of Interest within Indonesia, English speaking guides, interpreters, cultural interaction with people from various Indonesian ethnicities, etc.
The Indonesian Cultural Exchange also offers one, two, three and four year certificate programs in cooperation with respected local universities, educational institutions and foundations in Indonesian Language and Cultural Studies. This unique opportunity allows you to explore the multitude of diverse and colorful cultures represented within the archipelago of Indonesia, as well as learn the languages spoken here including Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Javanese, Sundanese, Padangese, etc.
For more information please contact us at +62-813-4743-8601 or email us at

Jln Kabandungan No 80/30
Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia